Here is some encouraging feedback from people who have heard Fane speak

"I would like to reiterate my thanks for your attendance and wise words this morning at our monthly men's breakfast.

Your talk was exactly what I had hoped for and the men were , on the whole, very attentive to your message, and I thought that you could hear a pin drop such was the level of their attention!"

(Peter Stokes, Men's Breakfast, Worfield, Shropshire, UK - May 2024)

"May I tender my appreciation of all the hard work, prayer and faith you have put into this mission (Kosovo 2022) – as you know, I have worked with dozens of evangelists doing thousands of events in many different countries, but looking back at these, I believe your hard work, your research and the way you have obviously allowed the Holy Spirit to lead you, has been amongst the very best – the way you connected our two countries using the Kosovo President’s presence at the Queen’s funeral , and the way you pointed out the presence of Biblical literature and characters in their Koran, and linked your messages with their cultural concepts, was amazing."

(John Grant - October 2022)

"I very much enjoyed the breakfast (in Bristol). I enjoyed your excellent talk (content, structure and delivery) and I can heartily recommend you to any church/group. I am very glad that I have at last heard you "in situ" and hope that we can see a breakthrough in bookings in the UK."

(Email to Fane from, Chris Wright, UK - June 2017)

"It was a delight and encouragement to have Fane visit us for the weekend to speak at a concert, men's breakfast, dinner and (3) Sunday services! His experience was invaluable at the planning stage, and he was relevant, honest, gracious and challenging in his talks. It was a joy, but not a surprise, to hear that several people had spoken with him afterwards to make new or renewed commitments to follow Jesus."

(Malcolm Rogers - Vicar, St Mary with St Peter, Bury St Edmunds)

"Please thank Luis (Palau) from the bottom of my heart for sending this amazing God-blessed evangelism that is a fantastic and great investment. It has set our church on fire (we could see it) and given them a vision for the souls of the city. It has given us a desire to emulate it and our hearts are burning with desire to disciple our friends - please come back again.

(Message sent to Luis Palau from Pastor Stephan Moisiec of Golgota Baptist Church, Dorohoi, Romania)

"You were right about the Eleos Emsemble- very enjoyable and Fane was brilliant! Thank you for a clear well presented message on Sunday evening." 

(Steve Donald, Carlisle)

Darin IvanovI've know Fane since 2004 when we were doing ministry together in Bulgaria. I have been always encouraged and blessed to see how Fane spreads the Gospel - with passion and still with kindness and sensitivity that in no way dilutes the seriousness of the message of the cross.

To me as a pastor it was always so revealing to see his motivation that he is so deeply interested in what happens later to those who professed faith in Christ at his meetings.

He wanted to be sure they are growing in the knowledge of God and His grace in a healthy Christian fellowship. To put is simply he is always more interested in making disciples of Christ than just counting converts.

It is a blessing every time to work for the Kingdom of God with Fane and I am sure he would be a blessing for every ministry that would like to partner with him in fulfilling the Great Commandment.

(Pastor Darin Ivanov, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe)

"You are a marvellous speaker and a great resource to communities like ours. Your message of salvation is just so straightforward and understandable and rooted in scriptures."

(Kay Askew, Leebotwood Filling Station - November 2019)