Fane's story


Fane was rescued from a life of gambling to which he was addicted, as explained in this video. However, the process of being completely released was a slow one but he rejoices that God who starts a work in us will be bring it to conclusion. Indeed looking back over his life Fane is incredibly grateful to the way God has used all that has happened to prepare him for his work today.

Having had a career in the newspaper and advertising world which finished with him being a Sales Group Head at the Sunday Times Fane now gives himself completely to helping others discover the glorious truth of the gospel. Working primarily as an Associate Evangelist with Luis Palau Association his main mission field is in Eastern Europe. However, Fane also has a ministry in the UK and has discovered that the same message that God uses to bring Eastern Europeans to faith also brings British people to see their need of Christ.

Fane works with an Accountability Panel.

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